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PS work 1: How-To

Hey, what do u think about it? Would it be somewhat chaos? Or maybe too many words?


Artist 1: Matt Siber

Matt Siber–The Untitled Project: Europe #39 Look to all the projects shown on Mr. Siber’s website. I think a very obvious character is that most of his photographs are documentary ones whose subjects are all material other than some man-made […]


What I think digital approaches to fine art might be

Generally speaking,  I think it refers to applying technology products on fine art work. It would make the fine art work appear and spread through mass media, especially internet, a easier approach for most people. This kind of approach has wider and […]


Hello world!

Welcome to Shen’s blog. This is my first blog and this is my first post.  Then, start blogging! It would be an awesome page of my exchange life~~