Viola, bill

Artist 10: Bill Viola

Bill Viola, a contemporary video artist, is thought as one of today’s leading artists whose major art works related to the new media. On the one hand his works focus on fundamental human experiences like birth, death, the unfolding of […]

Jordan tate

Artist 9: Jordan Tate

Jordan Tate is an Assistant Professor of Art at the University of Cincinnati right now. Also he is the founding editor of the contemporary art blog The following art work of him is called “On This Site”. You could get […]

muybridge birds sequence

Exercise 2

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Exercise 1

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Artist 8: Cory Arcangel

Hey, do you love playing games? Have u ever thought about connect computer games with art? Well, this awesome guy does this awesome work. Have you ever play with cute Super Mario Bros.? I do love him and I love […]

Single photograph

Photographic Narrative

The same story in three sets. Hope u have fun with them 1. A single photograph   2. A set of 3 photographs   3. A set of 7 photographs