Artist 9: Jordan Tate

Jordan Tate is an Assistant Professor of Art at the University of Cincinnati right now. Also he is the founding editor of the contemporary art blog

The following art work of him is called “On This Site”. You could get the meaning of this art work from the first page of this work.

onthissite-bookpage02    onthissite-bookpage05

It reminds me that several days ago, when hanging out with my friends in the streets, she read some Chinese characters on a wall. However, it took me more time to find the exact place of these Chinese characters which should be very obvious in the surroundings full of English words for me whose mother language is Chinese. It is really funny. Obviously, we rely on our eyes to get lots of information from the text and we can clearly see the power of text. However, we still frequently turn a blind to them.

Personally, I like this art word not only because its meaning and purpose but also the texts or the statements  of these photos help me to understand the meaning of this work and the related issues, honestly speaking.

where does time go

What’s more, I like this project. Personally I often pay attention to works related to the theme of time (maybe mainly because I am the person who often make a poor use of time…). I do love their views that “there is no time without man” and “we are both its creator and its prisoner”.






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