Artist 10: Bill Viola

Bill Viola, a contemporary video artist, is thought as one of today’s leading artists whose major art works related to the new media. On the one hand his works focus on fundamental human experiences like birth, death, the unfolding of consciousness. On the other hand, his works have roots in both Eastern and Western art as well as spiritual traditions such as Zen Buddhism, Islamic Sufism, and Christian mysticism.

This art work is called “Catherine’s Room”. Clearly, it shows human being’s life experience and the process of approaching to death.




The above picture comes from his another work called “Passage”.  The much much slowing down display rat reminds me my own childhood and let think about the past of life and I am getting older (so sad…). However, it is all about life.

Viola is good at communicating with his audience or serving his audience. He uses the inner language of subjective thoughts and collective memories in his videos, and let the audiences to get the information by ourselves in our own way.




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