Artist 4: Jenny Holzer

Jenny Holzer2

She is Jenny Holzer. Well, the first female we would talk about. Of course, not the last one.

Holzer is an American conceptual artist. She is well known for using the public dimension to display most of her work. Billboard advertisements, projections on buildings and other architectural structures are all her “canvas” in public areas. Meanwhile, LED is most frequently applied on her “canvas”. You may find that all the projects showed on her art work website as “city index” use LED as the visible medium. What’s more, the most prominent feature is that she always uses words as the only content in her art work. Also those words are all propound, meaningful and provocative.

money creates taste

vienna 2006

For the first sight, you might think this kind of form is a very simply way. However, all the words are quite thoughtful and they would work just in this simply. You are very likely to be attracted by the huge words on the architectures around you. Well, it could be the situation that it just gets your first sight. However, her words is so concise and comprehensive that you can read them in few minutes but just these little time lead you to think about the real world.

What is more, I see the persistence of an artist. Via her projects website, you may find that since 1996 the work has been keeping work. Some places are revisited and some words may be repeated. She still stick on her place to ring the alarm bell for everyone.


1. (All about her “City Index”)

2.  (Click this link know about Jenny’s life and art work)



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