Artist 8: Cory Arcangel

Hey, do you love playing games? Have u ever thought about connect computer games with art? Well, this awesome guy does this awesome work.

Have you ever play with cute Super Mario Bros.? I do love him and I love this interesting video game designed by Nintendo. Cory Arcangel made a piece of art work of Super Mario, called “Super Mario Clouds” in 2002, a modified version of the game, in which all of the game’s graphics have been removed, leaving only a blue background with white clouds scrolling slowly from right to left. This art work is thought as an outstanding example of  his best known works, Nintendo game cartridge hacks and reworkings of obsolete computer systems of the 1970s and  1980s.

This is just a screenshot of his art work. Want to watch the video and get more information? Just click the screenshot.

surper mario clouds

Cory Arcangel, a 34 year old artist and entrepreneur living and working in Brooklyn (NY) described by himself. His art works field is new media. He tends to do a lot of stuffs like web, fine art, music, video game modification (very likely this is best know) and so on.  His work explores the relationship between technology and culture.




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