Artist 1: Matt Siber


Matt SiberThe Untitled Project: Europe #39

Look to all the projects shown on Mr. Siber’s website. I think a very obvious character is that most of his photographs are documentary ones whose subjects are all material other than some man-made images. However, they are more than that because Mr. Siber usually applies some digital technology on his photographs, which leads the original photos much more creative and meaningful. What’s more, it seems that he is more focusing on digging out or making some meanings of characters, trademarks, symbols etc. in our society.

I like Mr. Siber’s work because he shows us another angle to look and to think about the written language’s role in our society, such as his latest work- the Untitled Project. Originally those images are just every common scene in our daily life. We are getting accustomed to their existence in our surroundings. They are becoming a part of daily life that usually we “turn a blind eye to them”. Or I should say we accept the information they offer to us automatically like machines without thinking the necessity and importance of this language around us, let alone appreciating the changes or some inner creation of them. Through Mr. Siber’s work, then I realized how important role the written language are playing and how much information we receive depend on our eyes. Also those visual advertisements actually influence our mind and decisions unconsciously day by day.


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