Artist 2: Roger Sayre

Roger Sayre — Hey, this is a very cool guy!!

— Who is he?

— Let me tell you later. First, please have a look at the following project of his, called “Aesop’s Dog”.

Aesop's Dog ( Roger Sayre) (P.S. Don’t you think the project’s name is somewhat cute?~~)

—  A dog’s shadow? Anything special?

— No. You’re wrong. A shadow should be in black and you can only recognize what  it is from the black area’s outline. Actually, it is the projection of some biscuits and tennis balls which are hung from a chain link gate. Then it comes out an image of a dog, hungrily looking at the biscuits. Amazing!! Right??

— Yep. That’s extremely wonderful. Firstly, the guy creatively chose something very usual in our daily life but meanwhile very unusual in art area and even far away from so called art work (in a normal way). Secondly, I do appreciate his patience because I believe this effect is the result of many many times of tests to get the most proper brightness and the right angle the dog looking at the biscuits.

— I cannot agree with you any more. Well, then let me tell you more about this guy. He is Roger Sayre, an artist of Jersey city. I found that he very like to use light as an important tool to create his art work, including the brightness of light, the color of light and the  angle of casting light. You may get it by looking to his other projects like ” Ticks of Time“, “Flight Series“, “Mirror Chair” and so on.

Personally, I do love most of his work, even through I cannot understand the art meanings of those work. However, I love the creative way he used, the tiny materials he chose to create an impressive project and  the unimaginable materials he arranged to reach the final effect and the conceivable patience he put to get the best result. What’s more, I have to say I like his projects’ name, very interesting and being able to raising audiences’ curiosity.

If you also like it, visit his website (a link below) and dig out more~~

More: An article about his work:


1. Roger Sayre’s picture:



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