Málaga, 11 de febrero de 2006. Vitello foto: Victoriano Moreno

Artist 15: Stephen Vitiello

So often I think the world works with the domino effect. Nam June Paik was trained as a classical pianist. However, while studying in Germany, he was inspired to work in the field of electronic art after meeting with the conceptual artists […]

John Henry Blatter

Artist 14: John Henry Blatter

John Henry Blatter He is considered as a visual, media and sound artist with diverse background includes national and international exhibitions. He serves as the editor-in-chief of Daily constitutional, a publication for the artist’s voice.  Also he is the adjunct […]


Artist 13: Nam June Paik

This is Nam June Paik (July 20, 1932 – January 29, 2006), the founder of video art. He was a Korean American artist and worked with a variety of media. Paik is credited with an early usage (1974) of the term “electronic super highway” in […]

Pipilotti Rist

Artist 12:Pipilotti Rist

  Obviously, you can easily learn that this is the home page of someone’s website such as blog. I do like this kind of concise homepage. Very simple and direct but cute and impressive. I won’t crash into a lot […]

Viola, bill

Artist 10: Bill Viola

Bill Viola, a contemporary video artist, is thought as one of today’s leading artists whose major art works related to the new media. On the one hand his works focus on fundamental human experiences like birth, death, the unfolding of […]

Jordan tate

Artist 9: Jordan Tate

Jordan Tate is an Assistant Professor of Art at the University of Cincinnati right now. Also he is the founding editor of the contemporary art blog http://ilikethisart.net. The following art work of him is called “On This Site”. You could get […]


Artist 8: Cory Arcangel

Hey, do you love playing games? Have u ever thought about connect computer games with art? Well, this awesome guy does this awesome work. Have you ever play with cute Super Mario Bros.? I do love him and I love […]


Artist 6: Robin Rhode

Well, we meet another fist thing, the first non American artist we would learn from in this semester. He is Robin Rhode, a South African artist based in Berlin, Germany. He is also famous for using public area as his “canvas” […]