Artist 5: Jason Salavon

Jason Salavon is an American contemporary artist.  He is famous for using computer software processes of his own design to generate and reconfigure lots of communal material to create new visual art works on the familiar. It is very easy to discover […]

Jenny Holzer

Artist 4: Jenny Holzer

She is Jenny Holzer. Well, the first female we would talk about. Of course, not the last one. Holzer is an American conceptual artist. She is well known for using the public dimension to display most of her work. Billboard advertisements, […]

If I had a girlfriend

Artist 3:Jon Gitelson

Well, an artist, who I think is a very fruitful one of not only photograph, but also artist books, video, installation, web-based projects and public art, comes as this week’s actor. He is Jonathan Gitelson. His fruitful works are both […]

Roger Sayre

Artist 2: Roger Sayre

 — Hey, this is a very cool guy!! — Who is he? — Let me tell you later. First, please have a look at the following project of his, called “Aesop’s Dog”.  (P.S. Don’t you think the project’s name is […]


Artist 1: Matt Siber

Matt Siber–The Untitled Project: Europe #39 Look to all the projects shown on Mr. Siber’s website. I think a very obvious character is that most of his photographs are documentary ones whose subjects are all material other than some man-made […]