What I think digital approaches to fine art might be

Generally speaking,  I think it refers to applying technology products on fine art work. It would make the fine art work appear and spread through mass media, especially internet, a easier approach for most people. This kind of approach has wider and faster influence than the traditional way to fine art.

Digital approaches include using computer software to create or post-produce fine art work, like PS, After Effects, iMovie and so on. The out-comings of these fine art work would be digital photography, audio and video.

P.S. This is the first formal art course I have ever taken. I have not much background knowledge about arts. I welcome all your comment and advise. Please share your opinion with me :)

2 Responses to What I think digital approaches to fine art might be

  1. Georgio says:

    so is a digitial photo of a painting considered digital art?

    • admin says:

      Actually, I do not think so. In my opinion, a digital photo of a painting is just a digital way to spread the painting. Basically, it is still a kind of traditional art. Digital art should have some more meanings or creations based on digital approaches, which traditional way cannot make it. For example, on of Roger Sayre’s projects – AESOP’S DOG, a digital art (I think so), is not something could be created by the traditional art way.

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